We are always on the lookout for more Totally Cool Pix. If you are a (semi-pro) photographer and you would like to share some of your cool pix with our community you are free to send us some samples on email address below.

For a full In The Picture gallery we require 20-25 image, so please make sure the samples you send us are representative of your work as a photographer.

Adding a link to a website on which we can view more of your work will be much appreciated.

We ask this as we don’t like disappointing people after we’ve told them we’ll post their work on the site on the basis of the sample images, only to find out that the majority of images are not intriguing or good enough for a posting on the site.

The images you send us for an In The Picture feature need to be at least 990 pixels wide. We recommend you use wetransfer.com to send them to us.

In return for the (non-exclusive) use of your images we give you a link back to your website and the chance to show off your work to thousands of people from around the world. The copyright of your work stays with you and we won’t sell your images.

Use totallycoolpix.com [at] gmail.com to contact us.