Jan 31, 2018

When the famous abandoned Ghost Bus tunnel in Belgium was untouched

When the famous abandoned Ghost Bus tunnel in Belgium was untouched

In Belgium there is an unfinished metrotunnel and it's nowadays famous by Urban Explorers, Youtubers and vandalists who want to visit this place. The Dutch Youtuber Vaeltax visited the tunnel last year and he filmed clearly the entrance of this tunnel. Oops. After that this entrance of the tunnel was closed. Other people tried, but they didn't succeed to get in the tunnel. Vaeltax went back and with some dangerous climbing they managed to get access again to the tunnel. But, there was a time when the Ghost Bus tunnel in Belgium was unknown. Only known for a couple of Urban Explorers who live by the rule to leave the property exactly the way they found it when they arrived. In 2013 we featured these Richard Huntjens pictures, but also the Dutch Urban Explorer Bob Thissen visited the Tunnel in that year. And we can see clearly on his pictures that the Ghost Bus tunnel was not harmed by vandalists. Thanx to Bob and be sure to follow his adventures on his Youtube channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path.

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