Dec 28, 2017

Does the name Bob Thissen ring a bell? We featured his France warships pictures in the beginning of 2017 and ever since Bob travelled the globe to make unique videos for his Youtube channel Explore The Unbeaten Path. And what a year it was for Bob. For example, Bob travelled through the desert of Kazachstan to visit the abandoned soviet space shuttles. Also he visited the forbidden zone of Fukushima in Japan. And that serie is a must watch on his channel. From an abandoned school to a store full with Wii, PSP and Playstation consoles. We asked Bob to select the most awesome places he visited in 2017 and he mailed us this gallery. More of Bob can be seen on his Instagram profile and of course the earlier mentioned Youtube channel Explore The Unbeaten Path. We already heard some of his plans for 2018 and those are also awesome.

The most awesome places visited by Urban Explorer Bob Thissen in 2017

School in Fukushima, Japan

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