Feb 28, 2017

We featured a totally cool gallery from an abandoned casino in Romania by the Dutch Urban Explorer Michel last year. Michel also visited an old Navy Ship from France and gave us the pictures. Below his story and pictures.

Not long ago I received word from a friend that an old, but beautiful war ship lay at anchor in a port not too far away.
The ship was not as nice as the big one we photographed some weeks ago, but it would still be worthwhile, cause and old war ship is always worthwhile.
On a Friday afternoon I called some friends with the question if they were interested in joining me on this Urbex pilgrimage. They were.
We arrive at 20pm and park the car some distance from the boat and walk the last bit.
An old rope ladder is all that is available to get us onto the boat. Without getting our feet wet we managed to climb onboard in the next couple of hours on board we managed to take these photos.
We hope you enjoy them.

More awesome pictures from Michel can be seen on his Flickr page.

Awesome pictures of an old Navy Ship

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