Aug 11, 2016

When things go BOOM

When things go BOOM

Demolition is every man's dream. Blowing stuff up and getting paid for it. And it looks amazing too. What's not to like?

When things go BOOM

The former Kunming city hall topples during a controlled demolition in Kunming /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

The Amway Arena implodes with a series of controlled explosions over 10 to 15 seconds starting 7:30 a.m. in Orlando /Reuters

When things go BOOM

The former Hainan Airlines headquarters topples during a controlled demolition in Haikou /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

People gather to observe the Perimetral overpass, after its partial demolition as part of Rio's Porto Maravilha urbanisation project, in Rio de Janeiro /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

The provincial highest chimney collapses as it is demolished by explosives in Shenyang, Liaoning province /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

Smoke rises from a house deliberately set on fire, days after part of the ground it was resting on collapsed into Lake Whitney /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

The 22-storey Yixin Mansion collapses after demolition by explosives as part of a urbanization project in Chongqing /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A view shows the Three Gorges Hotel and the passenger terminal of Chongqing Port (R) collapsing after demolition by explosives in Chongqing /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

The Lishui bridge is seen during a controlled demolition in Zhangjiajie /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A cooling tower is seen under mechanical demolition in Binzhou /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A dike between two lakes is seen under demolition in Wuhan /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A building crumbles during a controlled demolition conducted to better protect the nearby ancient area of the city in Datong /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

Old residential buildings are demolished with controlled blasting in Chongqing municipality /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A cooling tower of a coal-burning power plant topples during a controlled demolition in Guiyang /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

A view shows Worker's Cultural Palace during demolition by explosives in Kunming /REUTERS

When things go BOOM

People run away as a building is toppled during a controlled demolition as part of an urban transformation in Ankara /REUTERS

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