Jun 3, 2016

When the fog rolls in

When the fog rolls in

Fog has something mystifying about it. It envelop something in a cloud of doom or horror, but it can also make something seems soft and dreamy.

When the fog rolls in

A bird flies in front of city sky scrapers covered by fog in center of Warsaw /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

People walk along a forest as the sun shines over fog near Albis Pass mountain pass /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

A man rows a boat through a frosty fog along the Yenisei River at air temperature some minus 20 degrees Celsius in the Taiga district outside the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Light from the Federal Corrections Complex casts beams through fog on the morning that Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is released in Butner, North Carolina /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Male deer roars in a field during the dawn near the village of Dobrovolya /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

City workers cross the Millennium footbridge over the River Thames on a misty morning in London, Britain /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Fog shrouds Crystal Palace as a woman plays with her dog in London /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Kashmiri women carry baskets on their heads as they walk along the road amid dense fog on a cold morning in Srinagar /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

A woman photographs a sea of fog over Lake Leman at the Tour de Gourze near Lausanne /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

The top of Switzerland's highest skyscaper the Prime Tower peeps through the fog in Zurich /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

A visitor walks among trees as she visits the West Lake amid thick fog and heavy smog in Hangzhou /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

The 170-metre (558-feet) tall Juche Tower is reflected in Taedong River as morning fog blankets Pyongyang /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Vehicles drive along the scenic Ou Kaapse Weg as seasonal fog covers the city in Cape Town /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Fog covers the top of the Eiffel Tower as rainy weather continues in Paris /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Cattle in the fog on a ranch near Burns as the occupation continues at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Layers of fog hover above the sand along Pacific Beach as a surfer makes his way out of the ocean in San Diego, California /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

Indian soldiers stand in a sitting arena amid dense fog as they wait for the start of the full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

A woman walks with a child through a fog at a field at a makeshift camp for migrants and refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border near the village of Idomeni /Reuters

When the fog rolls in

Tourists take selfie pictures amidst heavy fog on a cold winter day in the hill-resort town of Murreeto /REUTERS

When the fog rolls in

People walk near the Chain-bridge during a heavy fog in the centre of Budapest /REUTERS

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