Mar 10, 2016

Mother and child

Mother and child

No matter the species, the love between a mother and child is always undying.

Mother and child

A female Amur tiger licks its cub during one of their first walks in an open-air cage at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk /REUTERS

Mother and child

Joey looks out from its the pouch of its mother, Chuck the kangaroo, in her enclosure at a zoo in the western Siberian city of Barnaul /REUTERS

Mother and child

A ten-day old male rhinoceros calf stands next to its mother at zoo in Berlin /REUTERS

Mother and child

A one and a half months old baby elephant stands close to its mother as she lies down in Chitwan National Park in Chitwan /REUTERS

Mother and child

A manatee calf nurses from its mother inside of the Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River /REUTERS

Mother and child

Mother panda Mei Xiang pins cub Bao Bao at National Zoo after snow storm in Washington /Reuters

Mother and child

A lioness plays with her cub at the zoo in Sarajevo /REUTERS

Mother and child

A sea otter pup and its mother sleep in Monterey /REUTERS

Mother and child

Polar bear cub snuggles up against her mother Valeska at Bremerhaven Zoo by the Sea /REUTERS

Mother and child

A Western Lowland Gorilla baby named 'Mjukuu', that was born in October last year, rides on the back of it's Mother 'Mbeli' in their enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney /REUTERS

Mother and child

A newly born Western Lowland Gorilla baby is held by its Mother 'Frala' in their enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia /REUTERS

Mother and child

Sanyu, a five-day old Rothschild's Giraffe calf runs with another member of the herd in their enclosure at Chester Zoo /REUTERS

Mother and child

Female walrus Polosa and her 4-weeks old calf, nameless until now, are pictured in Hagenbecks zoo in Hamburg /REUTERS

Mother and child

A guereza monkey (Colobus Guereza) holds a newborn baby at Prague Zoo /REUTERS

Mother and child

Rotem, a Sand Cat, is pictured with her three cubs at the Safari in Ramat Gan /REUTERS

Mother and child

A newborn rhinoceros stands next to its mother at the Ramat Gan Safari Zoo near Tel Aviv /REUTERS

Mother and child

'Debbie', a 56-day-old dolphin baby is seen from underwater as she swims next to her mother 'Delphi' at the zoo in Duisburg /REUTERS

Mother and child

A baby hippo swims under the water near its mother Maruska in their enclosure at Prague Zoo /REUTERS

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