Oct 21, 2015

Writings On The Earth

Writings On The Earth

A collection of shapes and patterns on the earth as seen from above.

Writings On The Earth

College students stand around sculptures during an art performance in Zhengzhou China Daily/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

An aerial view of the man-made palm tree-shaped islands in Dubai Ahmed Jadallah/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Villagers hold pieces of red cloth to form the Chinese character "love" at a photo opportunity to welcome the upcoming Lantern Festival on the outskirts of Taiyuan Stringer Shanghai/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Aerial view of the Astronaut Nazca Lines in the Nazca desert Enrique Castro-Mendivil/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

People stand inside one of five crop circles in an oat field in Tlapanoloya on the outskirts of Mexico City Henry Romero/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Palestinian children stand to form Picasso's Dove of Peace as part of a project by artist Quigley and UNRWA, at the foot of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho Ammar Awad/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

A man makes patterns in the snow during a heavy snowstorm in Amman Muhammad Hamed/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Agricultural farm land is shown next to the desert in the Imperial valley near El Centro Mike Blake/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Handout photo showing an aerial view of wheat being harvested near Northam in Western Australia Ho New/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Aerial view shows people protesting against Amazon deforestation during 2009 World Social Forum in Belem Paulo Santos/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

An aerial view shows a labyrinth in the form of a cow that is cut into a corn field in Marienfelde Thomas Peter/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Commercial fishermen and other mariners form the words "Acid Ocean" in Homer Lou Dematteis/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Students stand in formation on a field as a smiley face which they attempt to break a world record to celebration their 110th university anniversary in Nanjing Sean Yong/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

School students make a formation of a sparrow during a programme to create awareness to save the bird in the southern Indian city of Chennai Babu Babu/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

About 900 tents, placed to form the shape of a Chinese dragon, line a beach in Qingdao China Daily/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

An aerial view shows rice plants in the shape of the map of China in a paddy field in Zhonghong village, on the outskirts of Shanghai, China China Daily/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Farmers look at a mural made of rice plants on a paddy field which forms into the shape of the emblem of Communist Party of China (CPC) and the number "2015", to celebrate the upcoming 94th anniversary of the founding of the party, in Ouyuan village of Lo China Stringer Network/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

An aerial view of Burning Man 2015 "Carnival of Mirrors" arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada Jim Urquhart/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

An aerial view shows circles created in a grain field near the north Czech town of Liberec Ho New/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Images of New Jersey State Governor Christie and Democratic challenger State Senator Buono are seen cut into a cornfield maze in this aerial image taken over Stony Hill Farm Market in Chester Township New Jersey ROBERT QUINLAN/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

A giant jockey figure sits astride the shape of the Kilburn White Horse, cut into the side of Sutton.. Darren Staples/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Hundreds of people form the peace sign symbol with torches in the Andalisian capital of Seville Javier Barbancho/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

People walk across lawn raced with the outline in the shape of a heart opposite the Berlin Cathedral on a sunny autumn day in Berlin Pawel Kopczynski/REUTERS

Writings On The Earth

Handout of people gathering on an island to form a message on the Barrier Reef off the coast of Belize City Lou Dematteis/REUTERS

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