Aug 14, 2015

When Smugglers Get Creative

When Smugglers Get Creative

Security at airports, ports and border crossings gets better and better every year, so smugglers need to become more and more creative to try and get their contraband through undetected.

When Smugglers Get Creative

A Mr Potatohead toy containing 293 grams of ecstasy seized by Australian Customs at a mail centre in Sydney is seen in this undated handout photograph Ho New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A smuggler holds the leash of a horse carrying alcoholic drinks during a smuggling operation to Iran at the border near Sulaimaniya STRINGER Iraq/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Honduran police are seen with a privately owned plane that was seized after it was found to be holding 450 Kilos of drugs in Brus Laguna Ho New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Members of the Colombian Navy stand guard on top of a seized submarine built by drug smugglers in a makeshift shipyard in Timbiqui Jaime Saldarriaga/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A German customs officer holds a confiscated soccer ball used as a hiding spot to smuggle cigarettes to Germany at the Finance ministry in Berlin Fabrizio Bensch/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A Thai custom officer shows seized turtles during a news conference at Thailand's customs department in Bangkok June 2, 2011. Thai customs have found 451 turtles worth 1 million baht ($33,000) stashed in suitcases offloaded from a passenger flight from Bangladesh, the latest seizure of live creatures at Bangkok's bustling Suvarnabhumi airport. Turtles of varying sizes worth around 2,000 baht apiece in Thai markets, and seven false gavials, a type of freshwater crocodile worth 10,000 baht each, were found on Thursday in small bags packed into cases after authorities received a tip off that a known trafficker was on his way to Thailand. Sukree Sukplang/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Handout photographs of Mexican prisoner trying to escape from jail inside a suitcase Ho New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Handout photo of an off-road go-kart near Yuma Handout/Reuterse

When Smugglers Get Creative

Money hidden pastries seized by German customs agency Zoll is displayed before agency's annual results news conference in Berlin Thomas Peter/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A guard of the La Reforma Penitentiary holds a pigeon with a little bag filled with drugs attached to its chest in San Rafael de Alejuela Handout/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Handout of some of 150 bottles containing illegal liquid steroids seized by Australian Customs Ho New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

TSA handout photo shows parts of pistol found hidden in stuffed animal at airport in Warwick, Rhode Island Handout/Reuters

When Smugglers Get Creative

One of 45 methamphetamine filled candy bars attempted to be smuggled out of the United States Handout/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Smuggled sets of Apple iPhone 6 are displayed after being found hidden in a tea leaves box at the customs in Shenzhen, near the Hong Kong border, Guangdong province China Daily/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A Palestinian smuggles a calf through a tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in Rafah Suhaib Salem/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Handout picture showing food packages seized by police, containing cocaine and found in the luggage of Belfast resident Michaella McCollum Connolly and British citizen Melissa Reid, lay on a table at the airport in Lima Handout/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Handout photo of a cement yard donkey statue that was used to smuggle marijuana Ho New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Photo released by Belgian police on October 26, 2004 shows exotic frogs from Panama that were discov.. STR New/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

Lebanese customs employee displays a packet of confiscated hashish stamped with a Lebanese cedar in Beirut Mohamed Azakir/REUTERS

When Smugglers Get Creative

A cache of cocaine concealed inside dozens of phony candy Easter eggs is pictured in this photograph released by the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Ho New/REUTERS

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