Aug 1, 2015

Animals in the ER

Animals in the ER

All creatures great and small receiving medical care.

Animals in the ER

Marine Loggerhead turtle is seen during CT scan at Israeli Veterinary in Beit Dagan Gil Cohen Magen/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Thai veterinarians perform a health check-up and take blood for a DNA test from a smuggled orangutan Chaiwat Subprasom/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Petra the koala receives her medication after an operation at Sydney Wildlife World Mick Tsikas/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Biologist Vilma Castillo applies medicine to a freshwater turtle in a clinic for turtles in Tortufauna in La Garita de ALajuela Juan Carlos Ulate/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Veterinarian conducts sterilization surgery on cat in pets clinic near Calvia on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca Enrique Calvo/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Zoo staff stand beside Mango, a 19-year-old Syrian brown bear, during preparations before his surgery at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv Nir Elias/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Veterinarians clean the teeth of Tango, an eleven-year-old male jaguar, as it undergoes a full medical examination at the Buenos Aires Zoo Enrique Marcarian/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Veterinarians hold a Eurasian eagle-owl suffering from a bone fracture in its right wing during an x-ray scan at an animal hospital in Shenyang China Stringer Network/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Chinese veterinarians and workers prepare an injured panda for a CT scan at the Fourth Military ... China Daily China Daily Infor/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Veterinarians prepare the Budapest Zoo's oldest gorilla for an operation in Budapest POOL New /REUTERS

Animals in the ER

A veterinarian measures the offspring of female panda Lin Hui at Chiang Mai Zoo Stringer Thailand/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Fafa, a lioness that is nearly 18-year-old, lies on a CT scan machine at the veterinary clinic in Brasilia Ueslei Marcelino/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

A veterinarian checks on Anyin, a sick orangutan, as it waits to be transported to a hospital, in Pontianak Stringer Indonesia/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

Zoo staff and members of a veterinary team prepare an eight-year-old lion for surgery near Tel Aviv Baz Ratner/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

An alternative medicine specialist treats a Sumatran tiger suffering from a chronic ear infection, with acupuncture at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv NIR ELIAS/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

A Cheetah cub is examined by veterinary staff during a health check in its enclosure at Chester Zoo in northern England Phil Noble/REUTERS

Animals in the ER

A baby kangaroo named Tijana peers from the incubator in its enclosure in Belgrade zoo Ivan Milutinovic/REUTERS

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