Jun 22, 2015

Now, let's get one thing clear, these shocking images of the Yulin Dog Meat festival in China are definitely not cool.
The Yulin dog meat festival takes place on June 21st and during it over 10,000 dogs are killed for consumption. However, before they are consumed, the dogs (often stolen from their owners) are kept in inhumane conditions, tortured and often boiled and burnt alive as this makes the meat tastier, according to dog meat lovers.
We don't want to judge other people's culture and customs, but when the torture of defenseless animals at such scale is involved we feel the need to condemn it as simply medieval, backward and cruel.
Over the past week celebrities, animal rights activists and normal folk have taken to social media to bring the world's attention to Yulin and get it stopped, so far without success, but there is always 2016.

Very Graphic: The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Dogs and cats which were purchased by animal right activists in order to rescue them from dog dealers, are seen nearby a dog trading market ahead of local dog meat festival in Yulin KIM KYUNG-HOON/REUTERS

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