Apr 19, 2015

Rise of the Machines

Rise of the Machines

We can't live without them, but can we learn to live with them? When the time comes.

Rise of the Machines

Humanoid robot named Kansei smiles at laboratory of Meiji University in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Japanese toymaker Tomy Company's 'Omnibot17u i-SOBOT', the world's smallest humanoid robot in production, is demonstrated in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

A dentist demonstrates on a dental patient robot at its unveiling ceremony at Showa University in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

A visitor waves in front of the sensor that triggers the joints of a dummy that is part of "PWM1", an art creation by Taiwan artist Huang Zan-lun, during the Art Taipei 2010 /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Robots deliver dishes to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Humanoid robot of British company RoboThespian blushes during the opening ceremony of the Hanover technology fair Cebit /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Honda's latest version of the Asimo humanoid robot walks up stairs during a presentation in Zaventem near Brussels /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Humanoid communication robots called Robi perform a synchronized dance during a promotional event called 100 Robi, for the Weekly Robi Magazine, in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Humanoid communication robot Kirobo appears on stage during a return debriefing session from the International Space Station to Japan, in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

"Nao" humanoid robot that offers basic service information charges its batteries at MUFG branch in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

A robot Ecce by the Robot studio is pictured at the world's largest industrial technology fair, the Hannover Messe, in Hanover /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Man looks at the HRP-4C Miim humanoid robot at the venue of the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

The hitchBOT is seen posed next to Highway 17 north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Toyota Motor Corp's partner robots play instruments at the company's showroom in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Chinese inventor Tao controls his home-made humanoid robot with a remote controller as he poses with it at his house in Beijing /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Bipedal humanoid robot "Atlas" is presented to the media during a news conference at the University of Hong Kong /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

An engineer makes an adjustment to "The Incredible Bionic Man" at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

A team member shoves an LS 3 robot that was galloping off course, back on track, during demonstration in Homestead, Florida /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Pingpong playing robot "Topio" is displayed during the international robot exhibition 2009 in Tokyo /REUTERS

Rise of the Machines

Roppie the robot plays a game of tic-tac-toe with a member of the public at the Taipei International Robot Show /REUTERS

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