Apr 18, 2015

Me Against the World

Me Against the World

A selection of images showing lone protesters taking on the police in various demonstrations around the world.

Me Against the World

A woman pleads to be released by the police after she was surrounded during an evening demonstration against police violence in Oakland, California, in this December 13, 2014 file photo. STEPHEN LAM/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A demonstrator shows his bottom to riot police during a protest by European workers and trade union representatives to demand better job protection in the European Union countries in Brussels, in this March 24, 2011 file photo. THIERRY ROGE/REUTERS

Me Against the World

An Egyptian Christian clashes with Egyptian riot police in front of the the Coptic Orthodox church in Alexandria, 230 km (140 miles) north of Cairo, in this January 1, 2011 file photo. AMR ABDALLAH DALSH/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A protester throws a stone at police in front of the Greek Parliament building during clashes in Athens, in this December 12, 2008 file photo. JOHN KOLESIDIS/REUTERS

Me Against the World

Nationalist youths and police in riot gear clash in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast, in this July 12, 2011 file photo. CATHAL MCNAUGHTON/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A naked protester runs past the parliament in Syntagma Square in Athens during a violent protest against the visit of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, in this October 9, 2012 file photo. JOHN KOLESIDIS/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A local woman on a crutch shouts at Chinese paramilitary police wearing riot gear as a crowd of angry locals confront security forces on a street in the city of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region, in this July 7, 2009 file photo. DAVID GRAY/REUTERS

Me Against the World

Thai riot policemen take part in a security drill at the Royal Thai Police headquarters in Bangkok in this September 14, 2010 file photo. SUKREE SUKPLANG/REUTERS

Me Against the World

An anti-establishment protester tries to attack riot police during a protest against high security prisons in Athens, in this April 16, 2015 file photo. ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS/REUTERS

Me Against the World

An opposition supporter gestures in front of riot police guarding the presidential palace in Taipei, in this March 21, 2004 file photo. THOMAS WHITE/REUTERS

Me Against the World

Members of the Palestinian security forces take part in a training session in the West Bank city of Ramallah, in this September 18, 2011 file photo, simulating a scenario of violence ahead of the Palestinians' bid for statehood at the United Nations on Friday. MOHAMAD TOROKMAN/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A protester urinates in front of a row of policemen during riots following the death of a 15-year-old boy in San Carlos de Bariloche, in this June 18, 2010 file photo. STRINGER/ARGENTINA/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A protester takes cover during clashes with riot police in front of the Interior Ministry in Cairo, in this June 29, 2011 file photo. MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A pro-democracy demonstrator gestures at policemen during a protest organised by the "February 20 Movement", who are demanding political reforms, in Casablanca, in this May 29, 2011 file photo. XXSTRINGERXX/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A pro-democracy protester stands in front of a line of riot police at Mongkok shopping district in Hong Kong early, in this October 17, 2014 file photo. BOBBY YIP/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A student of the Buenos Aires University Union Federation (FUBA) kicks a barrier in front of the Congress in Buenos Aires, in this December 14, 2009 file photo, amid clashes with riot police during a protest staged to avoid an assembly to elect the new rector of the university. STRINGER/ARGENTINA/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A Beijing citizen stands in front of tanks on the Avenue of Eternal Peace in this June 5, 1989 file photo during the crushing of the Tiananmen Square uprising. STRINGER/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A protestor faces a line of riot police during an anti-government protest in Budapest, in this October 23, 2006 file photo. LASZLO BALOGH/REUTERS

Me Against the World

A student protester clashes with the police during a rally against the government's plans to increase fuel prices, in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta, in this May 21, 2008 file photo. DADANG TRI/REUTERS

Me Against the World

An indigenous woman holds her child while trying to resist the advance of Amazonas state policemen who were expelling the woman and some 200 other members of the Landless Movement from a privately-owned tract of land on the outskirts of Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, in this March 11, 2008 file photo. AMAZONASPRESS/REUTERS

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