Apr 28, 2015

Last week there was a picture (picture 1) from the Cuban city Havana that was going viral on Imgur. This picture was shot by Max Taylor and we asked him if we could place some more pictures from his trip to Cuba. Max arrived 'illegally' through Mexico City and left as a 'legal' American in February 2015.

About Max: After a month of Urban Apocalypto known as Hurricane Sandy, I became inspired to purchase my first DSLR and set loose with my Canon on New York City and beyond. Finding myself far happier behind a lens than a desk I left my job in finance a year later and began selling my photography on the Brooklyn Bridge. Winning and Toyota's photography competition was a tremendous validation of my transition from Wall St to St peddler and allowed me the opportunity to explore Cuba on self assignment.

Enjoy Cuba through the lens of Max and visit his website for more pictures. You can also follow him on Instagram.

A Month in Cuba by Max Taylor

Picture by Max Taylor

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