Nov 11, 2014

The Xtreme Justice League

The Xtreme Justice League

Photographer Mike Blake spent several nights on patrol with real-life caped crusaders, the Xtreme Justice League. Founded by Mr. Xtreme in 2006, the group of volunteers creates their own superhero identities and patrols the streets of San Diego offering assistance to those in need. Membership is open to anyone with a costume and their own transportation - superhero powers are not required. From empty streets to sidewalks packed with people in the city's Gaslamp district they post up at each intersection and cover each other's backs. They are a whimsical amusement to some, recognized from local media reports by others, and thanked by many along their patrols. They pose for pictures, check on homeless and inebriated people, and in one case broke up a fight. It's basically what Kick Ass was based on I guess.

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