Nov 29, 2012

Samsung Wi-Fi picture exposition in the Netherlands

Samsung Wi-Fi picture exposition in the Netherlands

Every day we show you what is going on in the world around us. It is a constantly changing environment that is monitored by the (social) media every second of every day. Samsung is playing to this trend by launching a new SMART camera. The Samsung Smart NX is wi-fi enabled and will allow you, the photographer, to instantly upload your images to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To demonstrate this Samsung has organized an exposition in Amsterdam featuring work by such photographers as Eric Kim, JB Maher and Jesse Kraal. The work displayed will be photos taken by the photographer from wherever they are at that moment, be it Chicago, Dublin or Amsterdam. The displayed work will be ever changing, just like the world you observe and photograph daily. As a start in this gallery 5 pictures from the joining photographers. And the exposition can be visited for free in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam till 9 december. Or follow it live on twitter with hashtag: #WiFiExpo.

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