Feb 14, 2012

The Killing Fields Of Syria

The Killing Fields Of Syria

Months after the first uprisings against the regime of President al-Assad, the fighting and killing still goes on in Syrian towns and cities. And the West stands by and let's it happen. Wehereas we fully supported the rebels in Libya with arms and even air support we stand by on the side lines when it comes to Syria. I'm sure there is a good political reason, but a human life is a human life. No? Only last week China and Russia used their veto, again, to block a UN resolution calling on President al-Assad to step down or face sanctions or worse. The Western countries were outraged, but that's just hypocritical as the US does exactly the same any time a UN resolution is put forward with regards to the Isreali occupation of the Palestinian territories and it's building of settlements on that land. In short, our politicians are saying the Syrian people should not rely on any of us as we'll only act if it is in our own interest. Good luck and stay strong, we hope reporting on your plight might help in some way. Warning: some graphic images below. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook and Twitter or join our Flickr Group.

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