Oct 11, 2011

Egyptian Coptic Christian Protests

Egyptian Coptic Christian Protests

Take your mind back to February of this year. The Egyptian Revolution was in full swing on Tahrir Square. The world was watching and the world was behind the hundreds of thousands of protester who wanted to get rid of Mubarak and his corrupt regime. Mubarak left office and is standing trial, the army took over to maintain stability until free elections could be held and all seemed well. However, underneath all the glitz and glamour of newly found freedom something disturbing has been brewing for a while. Religious beliefs. Even before the revolution the Coptic Christians, who make up about 10% of Egypts mainly Muslim population, had it tough. Targetted, repressed and treated like second class citizens. After the revolution things did not change fopr the better. In fact, things have gotten so bad the Coptic Christians have taken to new protests on Tahrir Square after a church build in the south of Egypt was deemed illegal and destroyed by hardline Muslims. During these protests on Tahrir Square the heavy handed tactics by the army and riot police have resulted in almost 20 people killed. Religion, the root of all evil? Warning: some images depict scenes of death.

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