May 31, 2011

FC Barcelona Winning The Champions League

FC Barcelona Winning The Champions League

Last Saturday FC Barcelona and Mancherster United played the 2011 Champions League final at Wembley Stadium. What the Barca fans got was a fantastic display by their team. What the Manchester United fans got was a wake up call. And what the neutral fan got was a great display of football by probably the best club team the world has ever seen. The dominance of Barcelona was complete. If you try to beat them by playing football you will lose. Their movement, vision, pace and technical ability has been crafted by years of training and, not unimportant, playing together with the same players. FC Barca won the game 3-1 after some brilliant goals by Messi and Villa. Just two of the great players in the Barca team. A special mention should go to Manchester's Edwin van der Sar though, he might have been on the losing team on the night, but the man has to be considered as oen of the world's best goalkeepers and we wish him well during his retirement from the game.

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