Apr 12, 2011

The Ivory Coast Conflict

The Ivory Coast Conflict

A lot of attention has been going out to the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, but we must not forget the struggle that has been going on in Africa's Ivory Coast since December 2010. Election were held on November 28th 2010 and sitting President Laurent Gbagbo lost to his rival Alassane Ouattara. Gbagbo, however, refused to leave office and a stand off ensued between supporters of both parties. The results were sanctions, deaths, injuries and refugees fleeing Ivory Coast. After months of doing nothing the U.N. and France finally stepped in and sent in troops to drive Gbagbo out. He was arrested yesterday and is now being held in the hotel which also serves as Ouattara's HQ. Will the unrest now die down? Highly unlikely, and as the Ivory Coast is the world's largest supplier of cocoa beans, be prepared to see your chocolate go up in price. WARNING: SOME IMAGES CONTAIN GRAPHIC SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH

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