Mar 4, 2011

In The Picture: Sebastian Wilson

In The Picture: Sebastian Wilson

Here's some background on Sebastian Wilson and his work written by himself. I'm a Chilean based photographer, for the last 13 years I've been traveling through Chile capturing images of our landscapes and our people. I studied Architecture and finished my career, but my real passion is photography. Both careers have an important thing in common, and that is light. Both need light to come true. In a building you need light to understand it, in Japanese architecture sometimes the light is just a little bit, but enough to make you understand the space you're moving in. Since I started in photography, the idea of trying to capture movement in a still image has moved me to search for longer exposures. In the beginning the pictures I took were at night, star trails really impressed me. But why not try to see if during the day I could see the movement? I got a Neutral Density filter and started trying new pictures capturing the movement of clouds, water, and why not? people. Now I carry it wherever I go trying to find new elements that come to life, in the desert I thought it would all be still, a tree lying next to a rusty wall was not going to be good, but suddenly wind picked up and made it come to life. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! If you like Sebastian's work you can check out his website for more of it.

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