Feb 28, 2011

The Libya Protests Part 2

The Libya Protests Part 2

If the Western media is to be believed Libya is on the brink of civil war. Anti-government protesters have traded in words and slogans for guns and are moving ever closer to the capital and Gaddafi stronghold Tripoli. The Eastern port of Benghazi is already completly in the hands of anti-government troops and every day new towns are made Gaddafi free. While the fighting is going on foreign nationals are being evacuated by their respective countries by any means necessary. Even if that means sending in the marines or special forces. The question now has to be how far is Gaddafi willing to go to hang onto his power. Our guess is very far. It is also anyone's guess as to what will become of Libya when Gaddafi si finally removed from power as Libya is made up of different clans and they're all sure to want a piece of the oil pie when the time comes.

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