Feb 9, 2011

The Egypt Protests Part 4

The Egypt Protests Part 4

The Egypt protests have moved into another week and from afar things seem to have calmed down a bit. Thousands of protesters still gather each and every day on the Tahrir Square in Cairo, but the running battles with the police and hired by President Mubarak thugs seem to have made way for a peaceful protest of flag waving and speeches. President Mubarak has announced changes, but not enought according to the opposition, who want him gone completely. UPDATE 10-02-2011: Protesters are gathering in Tahrir Square cause rumour has it that Mubarak will announce his departure tonight. We've added 30 new images of the Egypt Protests, go check them out. Editor's Note: Be sure to check out our original topic on the Egypte Protests, our Updated one and the one about the pro and anti protesters.

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