Jan 30, 2011

The Egypt Protests Part 2

The Egypt Protests Part 2

The original topic was getting a bit crowded with the number of images on display so we opened up this second part to keep reporting on the Egyptian Protests. The situation constantly changes and protesters are ignoring the evening curfews. The army seems to be hedging it's bets. Going out onto the streets as told, but not actually stopping the people from protesting, which must come as a major worry for Hosni Mubarak as the army has been involved in Egyptian politics for decades. Could it be that the army chiefs are merely waiting for the right moment to strike, remove Mubarak from power and take control themselves? Looting has also become a problem in the big towns and people are setting up local check points to prevent their houses from being stripped bare. While this is going on thousands of tourists are still in Egypt enjoying the historic sites, warm weather and beautiful beaches, but for how long? Some European tour operators have begun evacuating their customers, meaning even less work, less income and more frustration. The main question is how long will the protests continue, will Mubarak ride out the storm or will he pack up his things and leave Egypt for calmer waters? UPDATE 31-01-2011: New images added. Will there be a big million man march in Cairo tomorrow? If there is we'll post the pictures. UPDATE 01-02-2011: Images of the big march in Cairo added (from 79 down). As far as we know things were peaceful. There were even supporters of President Hosni Mubarak. UPDATE 01-02-2011: President Mubarak held a news conference, which was televised live, in which he announced he would NOT be seeking re-election in September, but the peope want him to go now and not wait another 9 months. UPDATE 02-02-2011: Images added of pro and anti Mubarak protesters are fighting each other. The beginning of the end fight for freedom?

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