Jan 28, 2011

The Egypt Protests

The Egypt Protests

The Egyptian protests against lack of work, rising food prices and the oppressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak seem to be moving towards a climax. Today the Egyptian government has shut down all internet access and text messaging service to try and prevent people from finding out about the protests. And to stop people from finding out about the police brutality which has been going on for decades, as can be read in the Wikileaks Egypt Cables released today. It takes brave, or desperate, people to stand up to people with guns so we wish the people of Egypt well. Warning: Some images are graphic. UPDATE: Live streams from Egypt. Protesters are urging the army to join them and not side with the government or police. UPDATE 2: New images added. A curfew has been put in place and the army is said to have been called in by the governement aka Hosni Mubarak. UPDATE 3: Several more images added of the street battles in Cairo. Mubarak has called in the army to help out the police and armoured vehicles and tanks have been seen on the streets of Suez, Cairo and Alexandria. Mubarak has also ordered the shutting down of the mobile phone networks (Vodoafone says) in several areas of the country. This, together with the shutting down of the internet, it is hoped will prevent protesters from organising their actions. Let's hope it doesn't. It will be interesting to see what the Western politicians have to say about all this as they've always treated Mubarak as a friend and ally. UPDATE 4 29-01-2011: New images added. Mubarak has changed his government, promised reforms, but has still sent the army out onto the streets. The Egyptians want him gone and he doesn't get it. UPDATE 5 30-01-2011: We added some more images in a second topic about the protests as this one was getting a bit image heavy and slowing the servers down. UPDATE 10-02-2011: we have added ALL the images we posted in this one topic. Hopefully it will give you a good overview of what has gone on in Egypt for the last 2 weeks and let's hope Mubarak leaves tonight and our servers hold out. UPDATE 11-02-2011: Sorry had to remove the newer images as the servers were not liking it, please visit the main page and you'll find the rest of the Egypt galleries. the Egypte Protests the Egypte Protests Part 2 the Egypte Protests Part 3

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