Oct 18, 2010

The Bull’s Revenge

The Bull’s Revenge

If you've ever driven the E80 from Valladolid past Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain you'll have seen them. The white washed haciendas, situated in dry, hilly fields, populated by oak trees. If you have good eye sight you can spot the black and brown bulls resting underneath these oak trees. Sheltering themselves from the scorching sun. This is where the bulls are bred. The bulls you see in bull fights. They are given a life of luxury. All so they give the crowds a good showing when they are finally called upon to enter the arena. When it enters it destiny it is confronted by noise, horses and men trying to get its attention. It makes the bull go crazy. Exactly what the crowd has been waiting for. All the bull can do is give as good as it gets during the time it's still alive. And boy, sometimes it succeeds with flying colours.

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