Oct 6, 2010

Haiti Revisited: 9 Months After The Quake

Haiti Revisited: 9 Months After The Quake

The country of Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on January 12th of 2010. It is said the earthquake claimed the lives of 230.000 people and left a million homeless. The damage to the Haitian infrastructure was immense with 250.000 residences and over 30.000 official buildings being destroyed. Communications were also in disarray and as a result the relief effort was shambolic. As the magnitude of the disaster became clear the rest of the World woke up and started sending aid and personnel to Haiti. Countless charity events were organised to raise money for the Haitian people and Presidents Clinton and Bush Senior became involved. So much money was raised, more than $5 billion, that each displaced family could potentially be given a check for $37,000. Now, 9 months later, only 2% of this money has actually been released for projects helping the Haitian people, approximately 90% of the rubble is still in need of clearing up and a milion people still live in tents. Who is to blame? No one and everyone. Charities holding on to the money, governments making promises and not keeping them and the Haitian people, who seem to be waiting for someone else to clean up the mess.

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