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Those cool pictures we see every day don't take themselves you know. Or do they?

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Siberia’s Indigenous People by Alexander Khimushin

Siberia is a huge part of Russia. It is vast and often hostile land. It is also called home by 40 indigenous people and Alexander Khimushin went to visit them to photograph them and the result is this amazing set of photos bundled as The World In Faces of people most in the world had never seen or even heard of.

Credit: Alexander Khimushin

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Flying the ancient Soviet planes of Air Koryo with Arthur Mebius

If you want to (re)experience the golden age of flying you'll need to hop aboard an Air Koryo flight according to Arthur Mebius. This North Korean airline flies almost nothing but old Soviet passenger planes and helicopters.
Suree, the flight and food suck, but the experience is something you'll never forget.

Credit: Arthur Mebius

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Visiting The Secret Tunnel in Bjurälven

The Bjurälven river runs Jämtland in Sweden and it has a secret not many people know about. These divers are visiting that secret for the very first time.

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It’s not about the gear a photographer uses

It's that age old excuse "if only I had better equipment, I'd be much better at this", but is that true?
This couple try to debunk that myth and gave a friend of theirs a very, very expensive camera while they themselves, as pro-photographers, used the much cheaper version.

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LUNAR by Christian Stangl

Motion Designer Christian Stangl worked with his brother and Composer Wolfgang for 18 months on this shortfilm.
The foundation were thousands original NASA photographies, taken from the Astronauts during the Apollo Missions, which were released in September 2015. It is an animated collage using different techniques to bring the stills to life.

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Drone photography of Laguna Beach by Mike Soulopulos

I just bought myself a GoPro. Now I think I need to buy myself a drone to make beautiful photos like these of Laguna Beach.

Credit: Mike Soulopulos

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Trail Dogs

I love this video because I used to have two Vislas and they're awesome dogs. Loyal, friendly, energetic and playful.

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Alex Honnold free climbs El Capitan. Without a rope.

These hair-raising moments are the first video footage from renowned rock climber Alex Honnold's ascent of the 3,000-foot wall of El Capitan—without a rope. On June 3rd, Honnold became the first person ever to free solo climb this famous rock face at Yosemite National Park, California. The video was shot by Jimmy Chin (who also photographed the climb) for an upcoming documentary by National Geographic.

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New York in HD in 1993 thanks to a DVHS demo tape

No, you're not watching a Hollywood movie. You're watching some demo footage shot on a DVHS tape in 1993.
It was converted to digital 1080p and it looks amazing for something that is 24 years old.

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