A glimpse inside abandoned luxurious ex-Soviet spa resorts

For this series Reginald Van de Velde photographed many of the remaining sanatoriums in Georgia. The Caucasus lived up to be perfect for the construction of spa resorts, mainly due to the presence of hot mineral springs and water containing radioactive isotopes. Resorts focused on balneotherapy to treat people with circulatory, respiratory and pulmonary diseases. The people loved it.

At its peak the sanatoria attracted a couple of hundred thousands visitors a year. High-ranked officers and lieutenants from the Russian Army relaxed at these resorts – even special dedicated military sanatoria were constructed, serving only military personnel. With the majority of the USSR leaders based in Moscow they simply connected these spa resorts with a direct train line to the capital. In Mother Russia, anything is possible. Stalin frequented the baths many a times and a shrine devoted to the communist leader still reminds us of those glorious times.

Credit: Reginald Van de Velde | Instagram

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Hawaii by drone in 4k

I've never been to Hawaii. The trip is a bit far for my liking, but the scenery, as displayed by this 4k drone footage, might make me rethink my travel plans.

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Beautiful Havana by Cindy Boyce

All the people I know who have been to Cuba and Havana have told me it is a beautiful place.
Friendly people, lovely weather, amazing food, even more amazing rum and the scenery is pretty spectacular too.

Credit: Cindy Boyce

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Chaos on the Amsterdam canals

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Amsterdam is a lovely city if it wasn't so damn crowded. Bikes, trams, cars, pedestrians. They all get in each other's way, constantly.
It's the same on the lovely canals.
When the sun is out the tourists get in their rental boats, the locals get in their sloepjes and the guys working get on their barges. And that can man chaos.

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Venice from Above by Dimitar Karanikolov

Venice is one of my favorite cities ever. If you go at the right time of year and day that is.
The last time I went I didn't arrive until 17pm and left at around 23:30pm. Perfect, as all the tourists had already boarded their bus to go to another destination and I got to see Venice with all it's lights.
THat's not what Dimitar Karanikolov shows us in these images, but they do perfectly display the many hidden little alleys you should really explore if you ever visit.

Credit: Dimitar Karanikolov

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Italy - Timelapse - (Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Dolcedo)

Beautiful scenery, beautiful language, beautiful food. That's Italy.

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When the sand takes over in Dubai

They've got money to burn in Dubai and they're mainly putting in infrastructure and buildings. However, there is always sand to contend and sand is no easy opponent. It is relentless.
As these aerial images by Irenaeus Herok show.
Evently all we've built will return to Mother Nature.

Credit: Irenaeus Herok | Instagram

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Japanese gardens in the back of Kei trucks is amazing

A Kei truck is a small commercial truck. As Japan has limited space you see these everywhere as you can quite a lot of stuff into them but they don't take up much space.
And talking of maximizing space, that is exactly what this Kei Truck Garden competition aims for.
Seeing these on the road would just put a smile on your face.

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Insane tornado footage by James Hammett

James Hammett is a storm chaser and as tornado season is upon us he is out and about doing his thing.
On the 6th of June he intercepted and insanely cool looking tornado near Laramie, Wyoming.

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Jets Fighter Performing Low Pass Manoeuvres

Always cool to see high-tech hardware fly past you at the speed of sound.

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