Chinese New Year fireworks filmed from above

THese CHinese New Year fireworsk weren't just filmed by drone, from above. But they're also played in reverse/ Thereby creating fireworks that form instead of explode.

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Bogota From Above by Camilo Monzón Navas

Bogota and the whole of Colombia is high on my wishlist of places to visit in 2018. The people, the weather, the food and the architecture are all quite special.
This is the view from above as presented by Camilo Monzón Navas.

Credit: Camilo Monzón Navas

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Lighting a sphere made of 42 thousands matches is pretty cool

This guy spent close to a year making this green sphere. He used 42 thousand matches for it.
Only to set it on fire.

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The story behind the amazing drone display at the Olympic Games

If you saw the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, you'll agree that the WOW moment was the display by 1200 drones.
This is the story behind that display.

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The Sound Of Ice

The soundtrack to a movie can make or break that movie, for me. Sound is a very important element to the visual experience of something.
So too with this video of a man skating on thin ice in Norway.

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Just a bit of awesome train surfing in Berlin

A drone, some smokes flares and a guy with an adrenaline wish.
We're not suggesting you make this your weekend hobby, but it looks awesome.

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Last Train To Transcentral by Urbex045

Meet Ramon aka Urbex045. He's 34 years-old and he is into urban exploring since his youth. He has been taking photos of his explorations since 2011. Ramon loves to walk around in abandoned places and imagining about what happened to that place. His most awesome location is known in the scene as Heavy Metal. He visited this place 6 times already. Last week he was caught by security, who were on the lookout for copper thieves.

These pictures are from his trip to an abandoned Eurostar train somewhere in France. Eurostar train set number 373018 was part of the original group of Eurostar trains built to ply the tunnel under the English Channel. But then the train people bought new trains, and 373018 was officially put into "storage." But as you can see, it’s been essentially abandoned since 2014, allowed to be crawled over and reclaimed by nature, graffiti artists, and urban explorers

Want to see more of Ramon? Check his Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.

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AIR in MOTION: Los Angeles

Vincent Laforet took his RED 8k Helium camera, stepped into a helicopter and filmed Los Angeles just after the sun had gone down.

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Just snowboard and chill

It doesn't always have to be wild and crazy jumps to be beautiful.

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So SpaceX just launched the Falcon Heavy and it was awesome

Forget all the gimmicks such as the Tesla Roadster being on board and forget all the crazy cheering. The Falcon Heavy test flight was awesome, especially the landing.

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